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TALONS Coaches and Managers FAQ's

Some important items for the summer soccer season: 

1.  The governing bodies for the Talons youth teams are:

2.  Mandatory League meetings:

3.  Police Records Check:

4.  Courses:

5.  Uniforms and Equipment:

6.  What are the "official team" and "game sheet" rosters?

7.  The registration process has multiple steps, here is how the process works:

8.  Who can book facilities/sign contracts on behalf of the West Carleton Soccer Club?

9.  Where do I find schedules and league rules?

1.  The governing bodies for the Talons youth teams are:  Ontario Soccer (OS); Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA); Eastern Ontario Soccer League (EOSL) and West Carleton Soccer Club (WCSC).  

Throughout the season, it is very important that we all follow a specific "hierarchy" when wishing to make contact with any of the governing bodies.  Parents and players make contact with our club through the team officials (coaches/assistant coaches/managers).  Team officials make contact with our club through the Director of Competitive Teams, talons@wcsc.ca;  the Director of Competitive Teams will either assist you directly or pass along your concerns to the Head Coach, Director of Referees/Discipline or Club Administrator, etc.  Only designated Club representatives are allowed to make direct contact with OS/EODSA/EOSL.  These organizations can impose sanctions and fines if contacted directly by coaches/managers/players/parents.  How/when/if they choose to enforce this particular rule is entirely up to them.  Any fines incurred by teams for League infractions are the responsibility of the team to pay.

2.  Mandatory League meetings:  it is really important that every team has a manager or coach present at the pre-season meeting for their team.  There is important information given out at this meeting that every team needs to be aware of and any changes from previous year's operating procedures will be explained then.  Teams that do not send a representative to these meetings will be subject to pay the fines that the League levies for non-attendance.  The dates for the meeting(s) will be passed along to you as soon as we are notified.  Note:  most meetings are now virtual meetings -- please check the league website for rules and regulations.  www.eosl.ca

3.  A level 3 police records check (PRC) for working with the vulnerable sector is required every 3 years, coaches of all youth teams are required to provide the WCSC with a copy of a current PRC.   The WCSC can provide a letter of volunteer status so that the volunteer will not be charged for this service -- we do not provide refunds for those that choose to pay for the service.  The PRC online application and ID requirements can be found at this link:  Ottawa Police Service  for a letter of volunteer status please complete the coach registration form on our website (there is a space there to indicate you need a letter of volunteer status for PRC purposes).  Applications are submitted online to the police and are returned directly to the person named on the application form, please forward a copy of the completed check to the Club Administrator at admin@wcsc.ca.  Registered coaches that indicate on their application the need for a letter indicating their volunteer status will receive the letter by email.  PRC's that have been completed by the police no earlier than Sept 2020 are valid for the 2023 season.

4.  Courses:  Please see the chart below for the courses required for Coaches (C)/Assistant Coaches (AC) to complete before they can be on the bench at league games for their team.   Information and how to register for the required courses can be found by clicking on the course title in the table below, or on the Ontario Soccer website:  http://www.ontariosoccer.net/coach

All courses with the exception of "Making Headway", "Understanding the Rule of Two" and "Emergency Action Plan" course have a fee.  

WCSC will reimburse C/AC for the cost of the course at the end of the season if all the following criteria are met:

  • a copy of documentation indicating successful completion of the course is forwarded to the Club Admin (admin@wcsc.ca)
  • a copy of the receipt for payment for the course is forwarded to the Club Admin
  • the C/AC coaches/assists with a WCSC team for the current summer season

The Admin will also require a copy of completion of the "Making Headway", "Understanding the Rule of Two" and "Emergency Action Plan" courses for all coaches.  These are online courses, no fee, and are also recommended for managers.

For coaches that previously completed the CCS, please note that the CCS course is no longer recognized and you will be required to take the MED course and either LTT or SFL (depending on the age group you are coaching) to replace the CCS. 

Once completed, courses will be listed in your "coach locker".

NOTE FOR 2024:



CourseOn-lineClassroomAge of Players
Making Headway (MH)yesnoU9-12 and 13+
Understanding the Rule of 2 yesnoU9-12 and 13+
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
yesnoU9-12 and 13+
Making Ethical Decisions (MED)yesyes (or on-line)U9-12 and 13+
Respect In Sport (RIS)
(expires after 5 years)
yesnoU9-12 and 13+
Learn to Train (LTT)yesyesU10-12
Soccer for Life (SFL)yesyesU13+

5.  Uniforms and Equipment: Stay tuned for info.

6.  What are the "official team" and "game sheet" rosters?

The "official team roster" is produced from the OS data base.  Copies can only be downloaded for you by the Club Administrator and are forwarded to team officials prior to the team activation deadlines for the league websites.  Only players (U13+) and team officials listed on the official roster are eligible to participate in games or practices (either on the bench or in the game).  Team officials should carry a copy of the official roster to every game, in addition to the game sheet for that game.

Game sheet "rosters" list the players entered in the League website by the District staff for players 13+ and by the Club Admin for U9-U12.  It is important that team officials do not activate themselves or enter a player on the game sheet roster until the player/official is listed on the "official roster".    Many Leagues check the dates and take disciplinary action  if players have been registered in their websites prior to being registered in the OS data base.

7.  The registration process has multiple steps, here is how the process works:


  • team coach/manager approves player to register on team, following tryouts, and gives the player the registration program password
  • player registers online in the Members section of  WCSC website (registration program requires all players create an account, or access their existing account, in the members section, including their date of birth, before proceeding to register)
  • player's registration with the Club is valid from the date of payment, however, they cannot yet participate in practices or games....
  • player's registration with the OS (insurance) is valid after the Club administrator enters the player's registration in the OS data base for the current season on the team roster
  • *team officials for teams U13+ will receive a copy of the official team roster from the Club Administrator and must bring a copy to every game, along with the game sheet; NEW IN 2023: District staff will enter the players in the league system
  • NEW IN 2023: players U13+ and team officials will have their photo uploaded to the official team roster by the Club Administrator. Photos on the official team roster will replace ID cards and other "virtual" player ID's used in previous seasons.
  •  player's registration with the league is valid when the player is listed on the league website by the Club Admin for U9-U12 or  District staff for U13+ 
  • player can participate in team activities (games/practices) only after all the steps above have been completed

Coaches/Managers (team officials):

  •  the registration form includes confidentiality clauses, which are not in the player registration forms or membership account, and must be completed for you to be considered a team official
  • register online via the "Members" section of the WCSC website (no charge)
  • after that, the Club Administrator will register you in the OS data base as a team official on the team's official roster
  • once your have received a copy of the official roster with your name and photo on it, from the Club Administrator, you are eligible to be on the player's bench at a game.
  • once advised by the Director of Competitive teams or the Club Administrator of the "activation code" for your team on the League website, all team officials must activate as a team official, this must be done by the League deadline.


  • must have enough players to make the team viable prior to the League deadlines
  • teams will be registered with the League by the Club Administrator, with the approval of the Director of Competitive Teams
  • teams will be entered into the OS data base by the Club Administrator

8.  Who can book facilities/sign contracts on behalf of the West Carleton Soccer Club?  Specific members of the Club, as laid out in our Constitution can book facilities/sign contracts on behalf of the WCSC.  Team officials are not authorized to make bookings in the name of our Club or a  WCSC Team  without the express permission of the Board of Directors.

9.  Where do I find schedules and league rules?

Game schedules and league rules will be found on the EOSL website -- for your team's schedule, use the "My Team" feature. 

Practice schedules are handled by the WCSC, registered team officials will be contacted when we are able to start booking practice fields for the summer.  Please note we are not able to use the outdoor soccer fields before May 15 (City of Ottawa rules).   We try very hard to accommodate the times and locations you request, however, we are booking fields for approximately 100 teams each year.

EARLY RATES Extended to Tuesday, April 2, 2024 for summer teams registrations.
EARLY RATES Extended to Tuesday, April 2, 2024 for summer teams registrations.
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