West Carleton Soccer Club

Administration - COACHES MUST READ

All youth teams, Micro to U18, and Talons:

A police records check (PRC) for working with the vulnerable sector is required every 3 years, coaches of all house league youth teams and all team officials for Talons teams are required to provide the WCSC with a copy of a current PRC.   The WCSC can provide a letter of volunteer status so that the volunteer will not be charged for this service -- we do not provide refunds for those that choose to pay for the service.  The PRC online application and ID requirements can be found at this link:  Ottawa Police Service  for a letter of volunteer status please complete the coach registration form on our website (there is a space there to indicate you need a letter of volunteer status for PRC purposes).  Applications are submitted online to the police by and are returned directly to the person named on the application form, please forward a copy of the completed check to the Club Administrator.

All coaches U8 and older teams are also required to take two online courses: details and links on the Recreation/Grassroots Coaching Information page

WCSC Coaches interested in having a session with an experienced coach at a practice, please email:  headcoach@wcsc.ca


Coach/Assistant Coach/Manager registration:  WCSC coaches/assistants and managers are asked to register on our website.   Access your family account  then proceed with registration for the applicable division(s). You must have your date of birth in your profile in order for the registration option to appear.  Coaches under 18 years of age have a separate registration in the members section that is to be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

WCSC House League Game Reporting Procedures -- U6 AND U8

Coaches (or a team official the coach has delegated to perform the activation task):

1.  Team Activation

If you have not activated yourself and entered player jersey numbers on the website, please proceed to #4 for instructions. 

2.  Game Sheets

You MUST generate your game sheet via the  site for each game. Two copies of the game sheet are to be provided to the referee for U8 at the start of each game.  U6 coaches are asked to keep a record on a gamesheet of players at each game/session and turn in at the year end Festival.

  • Login Click on "My Team"
  • Click on "Game Sheets" on the left menu panel.
  • Your next game will automatically come up.
  • Follow the Next >
  • Select the players who will be playing [if you're not sure, select the player and just cross out at the game]
  • Follow Next >
  • Click on "Create Game Sheet"
  • A printable game sheet, with the proper game details and roster, will come up in a new browser window.
  • Print two copies of the game sheet and take to the game. Provide both copies to the referee BEFORE the game begins. The referee will complete the sheets and return one copy to you at the end of the game. Use your copy to assist you in completing the Game Report.

Coaches should notify the Head Referee if for any reason a Referee is not present at the game and also make arrangements to deliver a copy of the game sheet to the statistician.

There is space on the back of the game sheets for comments, however, any concerns or complaints regarding the conduct or performance of a referee are to be emailed directly to the head referee, after 24 hours has elapsed, and will not be acknowledged if written on the game sheet.

3.  Game Reporting

BOTH teams must report the score within 24 hours of the game being played.

  • Login
  • Click on "My Team"
  • Click on "Game Report" on the left menu panel
  • The most recent game played will come up.
  • Enter scores of 0-0 for U12 and younger teams.

4.  "Activate"

For each house league team, a minimum of TWO (max 4) team officials as chosen by the Head Coach [eg. Head Coach and Assistant Coach or Manager] are required to "activate" themselves on the scheduling site.

Go to Schedules

  • Click on "My Team" (tab on top menu bar)
  • Click on "Activate" (menu item on left menu panel)
  • Enter the code: if it has not been emailed to you, CONTACT admin@wcsc.ca  FOR THE CODE (you must be registered as a coach or assistant coach prior to receiving the code).
  • Complete the form including selecting your team and your position.
  • Click on "My Team" (tab on top menu bar)
  • Click on "Activate" (menu item on left menu panel)
  • Enter the code: if it has not been emailed to you, CONTACT admin@wcsc.ca  FOR THE CODE (you must be registered as a coach or assistant coach prior to receiving the code).
  • Complete the form including selecting your team and your position.

Once you complete activation you'll be able to login to the site (top right hand corner; e-mail address & password

5.  Set up your team

  • Login
  • Click on My Team (you should be taken straight to the team you activated; otherwise select your team from the selection drop down menu that will appear)
  • You will find several menu items on the left menu panel
  • Enter players and  jersey numbers "call-ups" are to be hand-written on the individual game sheets for each game.
  • If unsure of a player's eligibility to participate, contact admin@wcsc.ca

6.  Browse around the site

Under "Games" you will find the standings for divisions/teams in WCSC House League.  At some of the younger age groups, standings will not be posted for public view.

Note: WCSC Policy is to NOT display house league player names on the web site so the site is set to "withhold" the individual names.

7.  Tournament Seeding

Seeding for the tournament will usually be determined partway through the season and the games added to your schedule.

8.  Further information:

    Please familiarize yourself with the By-Laws and Rules posted on our website in the House League section.

Law 4 and Update

Coaches, Referees, Players must READ- (OSA Law #4)

WCSC Coaching Guidelines - House League

1. For House League only, the Fair Play rule supersedes the Code of Conduct.

The coach's primary responsibility is to develop the skills of all players on the team. The spirit of the Fair Play rule is that all players must be substituted so that each receives equal time on and off the field. This is to be done each game and throughout each game during the regular season and the tournament.

The exception is the goalie who can play the full game in nets. However, once the goalie has been substituted, the former goalie cannot remain on the field to make up time. In other words, players in goal in one half must be substituted equally in the other half. The rule is extended to situations where coaches have attempted to circumvent the Fair Play Rule by substituting a player in and out of goal during a half without removing the goalie off the field. Again, the executive will interpret these situations as a clear violation of the Fair Play Rule.

The onus is on the coach to ensure the spirit of the Fair Play rule and equal playing time for all players is carried out. Our intention as the WCSC is to develop a love of the game for all involved. Fair Play is in place to support this intention.

2.  Coaching Development

Make professional development a priority. Be open to new ideas. It is recommended that all coaches strive to improve their skills through coaching development. West Carleton coaches are encouraged to participate in coaching workshops, training sessions, and certification programs. Most costs will be paid by the WCSC. 

3.  Sideline Conduct

Players respect their coaches and, as a result, will often imitate their behaviour. Coaches therefore, are expected to maintain their composure and self-control during games.

Coaches are responsible for sideline behaviour for their team. Coaches must ensure that their team, parents and fans, understand that the team may be penalized for any inappropriate behaviour. The referee has the authority to stop the game until the Coach gets the team and/or fans to behave appropriately.

Coaches should avoid as much as possible yelling instructions from the sideline. Players need to learn make quick decisions on their own during play. Instructions from the sideline like "Shoot!", "Down the wing!", "Boot it", "Send him" usually serve only to distract players and often result in ineffective action being taken because of the distraction.

Each player responds differently to a coach's criticism during games. A good rule to follow is: Correct don't criticize. Correcting means pointing out to the player the source of the problem, suggesting ways to correct it, and then, most importantly, working at fixing the problem during the next training session.

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