West Carleton Soccer Club

House League Bylaws

West Carleton Soccer Club (WCSC) House League Bylaws

1 General and Administrative

1.1 Code of Conduct

All members (parents, guardians, players, coaches and volunteers) of the WCSC House League shall:

  • Respect the rules of the WCSC and of the game;
  • Respect officials and accept their decisions;
  • Respect the opponent;
  • Maintain dignity under all circumstances; and
  • Be made aware of and given access, including electronic access, to the WCSC Constitution and the WCSC Code of Conduct.

1.2 Responsibilities

In addition to following the code of conduct above:

Coaches shall:

  • Ensure that all players be given the opportunity to play equal playing time (see definition under Fair Play Section);
  • Be prepared for each game and practice; and
  • Make a strong attempt to equalize competition.

Directors of Programs shall:

  • Work with coaches to ensure, as far as possible, that all house league teams from their community in a given age group and category are of equal strength.

1.3 Privacy Policy

a) The WCSC shall publish and follow a written privacy policy.

b) A complete and up-to-date copy of this policy shall be posted on the WCSC website.

1.4 Volunteer Screening

a) All coaches of House League teams shall be required to complete the Ottawa Police  Records Check form.  Coaches are responsible for submitting the form to the Police and providing the WCSC with a copy of the form after completion by the Police.

b) The WCSC will supply a letter of volunteer status to approved coaches

c) In the event that an individual’s records check results in any cause for concern as to their suitability to volunteer as a soccer coach, the Board of Directors will contact the coach and take appropriate action.

1.5 The West Carleton Soccer Club is a smoke free organization.

In an effort to follow the overall philosophy of the Public Health Department, City of Ottawa, and because of the WCSC extensive involvement with youth soccer, and because of health issues surrounding smoking, the West Carleton Soccer Club has adopted a smoke-free policy. This policy includes the following:

a) All volunteers/personnel/players attached to the West Carleton Soccer Club will abide by a No Smoking Rule immediately before, during and immediately after, youth practices or games on or near the playing fields.

b) All volunteers/personnel will emphasize and encourage, by example, the importance of not smoking to the parents, the players and all onlookers in the soccer pitch area immediately before, during, and immediately after any youth game or practice.

c) Disciplinary actions will be enforced if and when coaches, or other volunteers of a team, do not abide by this ruling.

d) Disciplinary actions will be enforced if any member of the soccer Board of Directors does not abide by this ruling immediately before, during, and immediately after a youth game on or near a soccer pitch.

e) For purposes of this club policy, the definition of youth games and practices will include all teams U18 and younger

2 House League Fair Play Rule

2.1 Preamble

The Fair Play rule has implications for various bylaws in several of the following sections. The intent of the rule is stated here and its implementation is covered in the various sections below.

2.2 House League Fair Play in Soccer, Team Composition and Equal Playing Time Rule

The spirit of the Fair Play Rule is that all players must be substituted so that each receives equal time on and off the field. This is to be done each game and throughout each game during the regular season and the tournament.

The exception is the goalie who can play the full game in nets. However, once the goalie has been substituted, the former goalie cannot remain on the field to make up time. In other words, players in goal in one half must be substituted equally in the other half.

The rule is extended to situations where coaches have attempted to circumvent the Fair Play Rule by substituting a player in and out of goal during a half without removing the goalie off the field. Again, the executive will interpret these situations as a clear violation of the Fair Play Rule.

The onus is on the coach to ensure the spirit of the Fair Play Rule and equal playing time for all players is carried out.

When teams are being assembled at the beginning of each season the Program Director shall have in place procedures that ensure an even distribution of talent amongst the various teams within an age group is achieved. The objective is to provide a balanced game situation and to avoid dramatically different strengths amongst teams in the same age group. The club reserves the right to re-balance teams that are deemed to have been assembled disregarding this objective.

The onus is on the Program Directors and the coaches to ensure the both the letter and the spirit of this objective is respected.

The intention of the WCSC is to develop a love of the game for all involved. Fair Play is in place to support this intention.

3 Teams

3.1 Team Registration Deadlines

a) Directors of Programs shall provide WCSC with the numbers of teams in each age group and category in accordance with registration deadlines established by the Board of Directors.

b) The acceptance of late team registrations shall be made at the discretion of the WCSC. The WCSC shall be guided by the convenience of teams already accepted.

3.2 Makeup of Divisions

a) Divisions shall be established for age groups and categories (girls/mixed) recognized by the WCSC.

b) Depending on registration size, and taking into account demographic considerations, divisions may cover a one-year or multiple-year period.

c) Girls divisions shall be established where number of teams permit in all age groups above Micro.

3.3 Team Withdrawal

a) Any team may withdraw voluntarily from the league.

b) A team failing to fulfill two consecutive or a total of four games, or a team under disciplinary action that results in their failing to fulfill two consecutive or a total of four games may be asked to withdraw from the league.

c) No refund of registration fees will be made if a team withdraws from the league.

d) In the event that a team withdraws from the league, the entire record for the season for that team shall be removed from the division standings.

3.4 Standings, U12 and older

a) In House League divisions, three points shall be awarded for a win, and one point for a tie. The team with the most points after the regular season shall be the division champion.

b) If two or more teams tie for first place after the league schedule, then the teams shall equally share first place and the names of the teams will be recorded on the trophy. Tied rankings for other than first place shall not be broken but ranked equally.

c) A team forfeiting a game shall lose the game by the score of two to zero besides suffering any other penalties prescribed by the WCSC.

4 Players

4.1 Registration

a) All players on House League teams shall be registered with the WCSC and shall have paid the required fee prior to participating in any WCSC program.

b) Competitive players are ineligible to register on a house league team.

c) Any team playing an unregistered player; a player not registered with the team; a player who is ineligible to compete at the level of that team; or a player who is currently under suspension shall forfeit all games in which such player competes.

d) Any team playing an ineligible player under the name of one of its registered players shall forfeit all games in which such player competes.

e) Registration deadline for the summer season will be April 22. (Exceptions may be allowed, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, if there are insufficient players on a given team.)

4.2 Playing-up and playing-down

a) A player shall be allowed to register in an older age group with the following restrictions:

  • No player may register with more than one team; the player meets OSA screening criteria to play up; and the coach of the older team approves of the addition of that player to the team.
  • During a given season, a player can play for only ONE house league team within their age division inclusive of a Girls or Mixed Division, with the exception of being called up to an older age level. Players from another team within their community, or from another community, may not play across.

b) A player shall be allowed to register in a younger age group only with the prior approval of the Board of Directors, and if all the following conditions are met:

  • There are compelling social/peer group reasons why the player should not play in their own age group.
  • A member of the Board of Directors verifies by observation of the player in a game or practice that the players physical development does not pose an undue safety risk to younger age group players.
  • A member of the Board of Directors verifies by observation of the player in a game or practice that the players skill level does not provide an undue advantage to the younger age group team.

4.3 Transfers between Communities

a) A player may register for any community, however, the Board of Directors reserves the right to change team and/or community assignments to field balanced teams.

b) A player shall be allowed to transfer to a different community after initial registration is complete only with the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

4.4 Equipment

See WCSC House League Rules

5 Games

5.1 Laws of the Game

House League games shall be played under a set of rules approved by the Board of Directors. A complete up-to-date set of these rules, including all variations by age group and field size (mini/full size) shall be posted on the WCSC website.

5.2 Number of Players (*see exceptions below)

If a team can only field the minimum or fewer regular team members; the team may add a maximum of three called up players per game under the following conditions:

  • The coach of the player invited to play up is notified and it does not interfere with the players regular team commitments.
  • The alternate player(s) must be clearly identified on the Game Sheet.
  • The player is from a younger age category, from the same community and is not registered to play on a competitive team.
  • No player may play as an alternate more than six times during the regular season.

(Exceptions: From time to time, there may be compelling reasons for an exception to 5.2. In those circumstances, the Board of Directors must approve any exceptions to this rule.)

5.5 Postponement of Games

When a team cannot appear for a game, but has notified the opposing team of its inability to appear with seven or more players (five or more for mini field soccer), that team shall be charged with a forfeiture. Notice must be given to the WCSC by email to  headref@wcsc.ca at least 72 hours in advance or the game shall be forfeited at the field. It is the home coach's responsibility to notify the referee of any changes. The coaches may reschedule the game by mutual agreement providing they clear the date and location with the WCSC Referee Scheduler. It is the responsibility of the home coach to contact the field scheduler.  If the game is subsequently played and adequately reported to the league, then the forfeiture shall be nullified.

5.6 Unplayable and Abandoned Games

Any team failing to field the minimum number of players within ten minutes of the scheduled game time shall be reported by the referee. Any team failing to field the minimum number of players within ten minutes of the scheduled game time shall be considered to have failed to appear and shall forfeit the game by default. The score shall be recorded as two to zero for the opposition. If both teams fail to appear, there shall be no points and no score, but each team shall have one loss added to its record. The WCSC may order a defaulted game rescheduled if the defaulting team benefits from the default, or a team other than the defaulting team are adversely affected by the default. Any team that refuses or is unable to replay the game may have its record deleted from the WCSC record.

If a game is abandoned by the referee for reasons of weather or field conditions before the completion of three quarters of the normal playing time, then the game shall be rescheduled, unless both coaches mutually agree that the game and score shall stand, before three-quarters of the game is completed. After completion of three-quarters of the normal playing time, then the game shall be considered complete if it must be abandoned. In the absence of the referee, the home coach may, after consultation with the visiting coach, at the field only, declare a field unplayable. Inclement weather by itself is not sufficient grounds for cancellation, but a game shall be abandoned, at least until danger passes, if an electrical storm occurs nearby.

5.7 Rescheduling of Games

It is the responsibility of the home coach to contact the field scheduler to reschedule a game with the exception of cancellation of games on a particular date by the WCSC.   If games for all teams on a particular date have been cancelled by the WCSC (due to humidex policy or field closures) the field scheduler will advise teams if/when the games are to be rescheduled.

Teams shall be given forty-eight hours notice of the time and location of a rescheduled game. Notice shall be by e-mail to team contacts.

5.8 Game Reporting Procedures

a) The WCSC shall publish written game reporting procedures.

b) A complete and up-to-date copy of this policy shall be posted on the WCSC website.

6 Referees

Referees shall be appointed by the WCSC for all games in all divisions. Referees shall receive fees for their services directly from the WCSC. Where the officially appointed referee fails to appear, the teams concerned shall attempt to agree on a person, or where possible 2 persons, one representing each team for half the game, not necessarily on the official list, to act in the referee's stead. Once so appointed, that individual(s) shall have all powers of an official Referee. The Referee who failed to appear shall not be paid for that game. The Referee shall be responsible for the conduct of the game in accordance with FIFA laws, and the rules and regulations of the WCSC. Subject to rules as laid down by the authority responsible for permitting a facility, the Referee shall have the power to decide on the fitness of the grounds in all matches and his/her decision shall be final. At the conclusion of the game, the Referee shall ensure that all sections of the game report are completed and he/she shall forward it with supplementary sheets or player permits to the WCSC statistician to an address set out by the Board of Directors.

When the WCSC appoints only one referee for a game, each coach is to appoint a responsible person to assist the referee, whose duties, subject to the decision of the referee, are to:

  • Indicate when the whole of the ball has passed out of the field of play.
  • Offer other advice only at the request of the referee.
  • Remain impartial to both teams while performing these duties.

7 Discipline

7.1 Conduct and Responsibilities of Players, Parents, Guardians and Team Officials

For every game, an individual shall be designated as the team coach. The coach is responsible for the conduct of the team and shall ensure all players receive equal playing time. The coach's name, printed and signed, shall be entered on the game report, and the referee shall be made aware of the coach's identity. No coach may enter the field of play, except where the coach is also a player or unless requested to do so by the referee. The coach shall restrict activities to giving advice and encouragement to the players and shall in no way directly interfere with the game. Objectionable conduct by a coach, player, parent, or participant, may result in the person being cautioned, ejected, or reported by the referee to the WCSC board, and may be subject to further disciplinary action, including ejection from future participation in the league. Team and community representatives are responsible for the conduct of their players, officials, and spectators at and near games in which their teams participate. All members of the WCSC House League shall respect the rules of the WCSC and the game; respect officials and accept their decisions; respect the opponent; and maintain dignity under all circumstances.

7.2 House League Season Protests

The WCSC Board of Directors shall hear all protests arising out of any game within the WCSC. The protest shall be sent in writing to the Director of Discipline within forty-eight hours of the game to which it refers. Any protests relating to the grounds, goal posts, crossbars, ball, colours, to other appurtenances of the game shall not be entertained unless notice of complaint was lodged with the referee before the game or at the time it was discovered during the game. The Referee shall require the team responsible to rectify the cause of the objection if this can be done without undue delay of the game. The Referee may abandon the game if rectification is not possible and to continue would in their opinion be dangerous or otherwise unfeasible. The decision of the WCSC Board of Directors is final.

7.3 Disciplinary Committee

As required the WCSC Board of Directors will appoint a disciplinary committee of at least  three persons (including the head referee or his designate).
8 Annual Festival/Tournament

An annual festival/tournament will be established by a tournament organizing committee. The rules of fair play and equal playing time remain in effect for all festival/tournament games. Specific festival/tournament rules will be posted on the WCSC website and distributed to each coach before the start of the festival/tournament.

8.1 Awards

Individual awards will be presented to all participants at the year-end festival/tournament and become the property of the individual.

9 Training

WCSC shall promote training of players, coaches and referees to encourage development of skills in the community.

9.1 Player Development

The training offered from time to time will vary and may be offered by third parties. Those activities supported by the WCSC will be done so after the Board of Directors has determined that the program being offered is effective, has qualified instructors and is safe for all participants.

9.2 Coach Development

Coaches will be encouraged to obtain formal coaching certification and may be reimbursed full or partial fees for appropriate training courses taken with the approval of the Board of Directors.

9.3 Referee Development

WCSC policy is for all referees to be certified and registered per OS standards. Referee training will be provided for a number of referees each year. The number of training spots provided shall be determined by the Board of Directors. WCSC referees will be reimbursed full or partial fees for required OS training courses or registration fees at the end of the summer season if they have refereed games for the WCSC during the summer season and returned equipment loaned to them by the WCSC.

Revised:  Feb 2018

When viewing schedules, use the "My Team" selection to ensure you see all schedules for your team.

When viewing schedules, use the "My Team" selection to ensure you see all schedules for your team.
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