Talons Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Please note information on this page applies to competitive teams only.


Latest news:

  • All assessments have now been completed. Registration is open. Please contact your coach for the registration password.
  • U12 Girls Assessment Date rescheduled to MARCH 23RD at the OZ dome 6:30-7:30PM
  • Thank you to all of those who were able to join us at the OZ dome this weekend. The coaches will get in touch with you in the coming days.
  • Head coaches: TBD


Game/Practice nights

Division  Game night Practice Night
U9 B Monday TBD
U9 G Thursday TBD
U10 B Wednesday TBD
U10 G Tuesday TBD
U11B Tuesday TBD
U11 G Wednesday TBD
U12 B Thursday TBD
U12 G Monday TBD
U13 B Tuesday TBD
U13 G Tuesday TBD
U14 G Thursday TBD

Game nights are set by the ERSL

Practice night and location for each Talons team will be finalized after all house league registrations have been completed.



Unlike house league, where two age groups are combined, competitive teams usually only have players from a single birth year.  For example players born in 2008 are eligible to play for the U9 Talons team. As per league rules, up to two 2009 players may be invited the join the team. Please note: the evaluation fee ($20) is not refundable regardless of the outcome of the assessment.


Game Format


Number of Players

Field Type

Ball Size

Game Duration

Offside Throw-in

Score Keeping

U9 7 vs. 7 Mini Field 4 4x12 minutes no kick-in No
U10 7 vs. 7 Mini Field 4 4x12 minutes no kick-in No
U11 9 vs. 9 Mid Field 4 4x15 minutes yes throw-in No
U12 9 vs. 9 Mid Field 4 4X15 minutes yes throw-in No
U13 11 vs. 11 Full Field 5 2 x 40 minutes yes throw-in Yes
U14 11 vs. 11 Full Field 5 2 x 40 minutes yes throw-in Yes

Please note that for all competitive teams up until U12 all game scores will be recorded as a tie, regardless of the actual number of goals scored by each team. This procedure is in place to allow players the freedom to experiment with and try out new skills they have learned without the pressure of feeling responsible for a team loss as the result of a failed attempt at a new skill. New skills are more likely to be developed and implemented if players feel comfortable to try them out in a game situation. It also allows coaches to focus on teaching skills rather than simply how to win games.

The number of Talons teams entered into each division will depend on the number of players attending the assessment/tryouts.


Game Day Kickoff Times

Division  May-August 14th  August 15th-August 31st after September 1st
 U9-U12 (2005-2008) 7PM 6:45PM 6:30PM
U13+ (2004 or earlier) 6:30PM 6:15PM 6PM



We know that your family time is precious and as a result the time commitment for Talons is almost the SAME as for house league. The season is slightly longer (14 weeks vs. 12 weeks) but players will only have one game and one practice per week.


2017 Cost

Division  March 1-31st  April 1st-22nd
 U9-U12 (2005-2008) $235 $285
U13+ (2004 or earlier) $390 $440

This cost includes the full uniform. We aim to keep the cost as low as possible making our competitive soccer rate one of the most affordable in the league.



The rationale behind the competitive division is twofold. Firstly, those players who have already developed strong footwork and ball skills and have traditionally dominated during the games are now able to play at an elevated level with their friends from across the entire West Carleton region. Secondly, by moving these players out of the house league system, it allows house league players who are still developing their skills more time with the ball, causing them to gain more confidence and skills as well.

The house league and competitive division are designed to work as a cohesive unit. Players from house league may be used as "call ups" for talons games, when players from the core roster are away or injured. The aim is not to create a division between the two streams but instead to allow each child to develop at their own pace in the program currently best suited to their needs.



The Talons play in the East Region Soccer League (ERSL). The opponents will be from teams around the greater Ottawa region. In order to minimize the amount of travel required, the ERSL tends to break each division into an East and West pool. Traditionally we are placed with our opponents in the "west" pool. Talons tend to play clubs from Kanata, Almonte, Carleton Place, Nepean, and Kemptville. The exact locations of opponents will depend on the teams entered by each club. Half of the games will be home games, played in West Carleton, and the other half will be away games.



The cost of the uniform is included in the registration fee. Each uniform kit includes a home and an away jersey as well as one pair of shorts and a pair of socks.


Festivals / Tournaments

At the U9-U12 level all festivals are ONE DAY events. Costs are NOT included in your registration fees. All festivals are entered at the coaches' discretion and teams must pay their own way. Festivals are usually very affordable (around $300 per team per festival). Most teams enter 2-3 festivals a year.

U13+ tournaments may be TWO DAY events.


Additional Team Costs

Some teams collect money from each family to cover any costs not covered by your registration (such as the entry fee for festivals) other teams try to raise the money needed through sponsorship or opt not to enter festivals. Any costs other than the registration fee is at the discretion of the individual teams.


Spring Training
Some Talons teams choose to build team spirit and cohesion prior to the opening of outdoor fields. Teams may opt to rent gym or dome time to do so. This is again up to the individual teams and at their own cost.